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Jan 10, 2013 8:00pm EST
places is the clichÉs. many times i see folks contentions from a planning point of view. there's an assumption that folks answer to haiti's problems with very little information, at times with little understanding of the haiti context. a lot of times people rebuild some name that's not broken before. so at times been telling people and from a small town. this is not by any stretch of the imagination -- [inaudible] right now people think when we take on a project, as a student that was early in the 80s. we are running a transportation system. but now, a lot of times people calm with the misunderstanding of what would run in haiti. to me between miscommunication between the lack of understanding of haiti's true history and context and what people need in haiti is creating major issues in terms of planning for the future. >> time for a couple more questions. one right here and then one here and we'll see where we are. >> thank you. of the inter-american foundation and i'm a returning to the topic of economic development. i was heartened to hear about the plan for job creation and focus
Jan 11, 2013 10:00am PST
a cliched way that you can't deal with the taliban without also simultaneously dealing with pakistan. also on the table i've talked to some former taliban commanders in doha that come in and out that are extremely frustrated with pakistan. mohammed elbaradar and how he has been treated and how he is kept out of the network of negotiations, so i know that the white house and doug lou have been in favor -- >> i want to do record keeping here. chris with the political side of your brain, which is that jay rockefeller -- >> it's most of my brain. >> five-term senator and an extraordinary leader from west virginia announced that he isn't going to run for another term. he started out as a visa volunteer in, you know, appalachiana coming from the rockefeller. he is john d. rockefeller's -- >> this is the rockefeller of the rockefeller. >> he is the fourth. you know, he is -- i have to just say an extraordinary senator. i covered him as a senator. i know him as well, you know, in washington all of these years, and this is another great loss for the old guard of the senate. he was the commerc
Jan 11, 2013 7:00am PST
to the last minute. >> the know what the cliche with the know what the nfl stands for? not for long. maybe akers is the type of diet who envy as someone looking over his shoulder performs better. >> sanchez would look over his shoulder and see them to go and perform better. he goes you know what i don't care if he is released he is not coming to jacksonville. >> he cannot throw the ball but the problem is the as such a big name that when ever he has around there is a clamoring for him to play. he caught lightning in a bottle in denver last season. whenever he is around, it is terrible to say but he is just not good enough to have them on your roster. he is so well-known and people are always talk about him he overshadows everyone else by the is not good enough to have that type of attention. >> this all brings me to the jersey bank. the oscar nominations came out and the summer light play but have you seen this? >> naso i am upset about an athlete i getting nominated for a director and iredeland thd out. >> he is and the jersey right here. the start is bipolar and he wears a jersey
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3